How YouTubers Became Famous - Markiplier's Secrets to Success - YouTube Breakdown

How YouTubers Became Famous - Markiplier's Secrets to Success - YouTube Breakdown
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Hey there guys! Jeremy here and today we will be talking about horror games, let’s plays, and smooth dulcet vocal tones. That’s right! We are talking about Markiplier in this episode of YouTube Breakdown.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know who Markiplier is. Boasting over 17 Million subscribers, and with over 3,500 videos under his belt, he is one of the most successful gamers on YouTube. He is well known for his playthroughs and compilations of Horror Games, such as Amnesia and Five Nights At Freddy’s, but that is far from all he does. He has also been known to release content in the areas of animation, sketch comedy, and other genres.

Today we will be taking a look at a few of the principles that I believe have lead to his massive success. Now, let me be clear! There are MANY more variables that factor into his success than what I am about to cover. I have simply chosen a few practical concepts that I think are worth noting in the time we have here together.

So let’s get started here, he became known for playing specifically horror games from the very beginning. Now, why would play-throughs of horror games add an advantage to a budding new YouTuber?

First of all, there’s the honesty of the commentary that comes from playing a frightening game. Far too many brand new creators are awkward and shy about showing their personality early on. They’re either way too quiet, have no idea how to be engaging or funny, or they try to copy another creator’s persona (which we all generally pick up on pretty quick).

They just don’t have their own on-screen persona yet. A version of themselves they have developed to be entertaining for an audience. And this persona is generally just an exaggerated version of the creator’s actual personality. This is why horror games can be GREAT for brand new gaming channels. The fast-paced, chaotic, frightening nature of the game causes genuine, yet often extreme, gut reactions and doesn’t allow the creator to get too caught up in their nerves or shyness. They let loose a bit easier and jump headfirst into developing that on-screen personality.

As well, horror game videos are just damn popular and I think that’s because we’re all just a little evil. I don’t really care for horror games, but I find it hilarious to watch other people get the living hell scared out of them!

And I’ve never even played Five Nights At Freddy’s, but I feel like I’m a part of the culture and know practically everything about it because I’ve watched so many creators talk about it and play it on their channels! For whatever reason, horror games draw in larger crowds than a lot of other genres. So they not only benefit the creator in developing an honest and entertaining personality, but they’re also loved by the viewing public on YouTube.

So now let’s move onto let’s play in general. We’ll be talking about his behavior and brand overall regardless of what he is playing.

First of all, Markiplier’s channel got a fairly early start way back around 2012 when gaming was not quite as popular on YouTube. It was definitely popular, but the site was not NEARLY as saturated as it is today. Now, that might sound like your typical copout.

“He started years ago when it wasn’t as hard to become famous! WAAAAHH!”

That’s not where I’m going here! I am merely using that fact as the setting for my next point. Though he started back when let’s plays and compilations were just beginning to become insanely popular, he started with quality, consistency, and frequency.

He uploaded regularly. He created videos that met or exceeded the current quality standards. And he almost immediately started with a genuine and engaging on-screen personality. This was rare in those days! In a time where many others were still trying to find themselves as creators, Markiplier started posting videos seeming to know exactly who he was and not much has changed in the last several years. His personality has always been engaging and energetic from the very first upload on his channel. And even though we’re now years down the road, it really couldn’t hurt for an aspiring content creator in 2017 to start the same way.

Finally, let’s talk about the one thing that is unmistakably Markiplier. Smooth and dulcet vocal tones.

Now, I know this isn’t really a principle that people can take to heart and start practicing practically, but come on! How can I do a breakdown of Markiplier without talking about his voice!?

One interesting thing to note is that his voice has not always sounded as low or dynamic as it does now! If you go back to his older videos, the low pitch of his voice is not nearly as pronounced.

Within a year after starting his channel, his voice sounded much lower, as well as sounding more varied in his tones. So what changed? It’s not like he was going through puberty or anything!

Well, studies have shown that:

We perceive men with lower-pitched voices to be more attractive and physically stronger--and also more competent and more trustworthy--than their less burly-voiced peers. – The Atlantic

So am I saying that Markiplier purposefully lowered his voice to become more popular? Absolutely not!

What I am saying is that because of his already naturally low voice, people were probably noticing it and commenting on it. After seeing those comments, Markiplier understandably started emphasizing his low voice for the sake of his on-screen persona. Thus becoming known as the gamer with an awesome sounding voice! We ALL know Markiplier for his voice. It’s just unmistakable!

And this actually can apply to your average creator. Though we want to be careful with how much we allow other people to control how we create content, it’s good to pay attention to comments and how people react to you. Eventually people will comment on things that make you unique and set you apart in some seemingly small way. They may love you or hate you for it, but if something unique about you is bringing in views and subscribers, emphasize that! Make it part of your brand and something you’re known for!

So that’s a Breakdown on Markiplier and the content he creates. As I said before, there are so many other variables that contribute to the success he has seen, so I would LOVE to see your thoughts on Markiplier down in the comments. But anyway thank you so much for watching! Please don’t forget to like, favorite, subscribe, all that jazz, but until next time, I love you guys and I’ll talk to you later! Bye!

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