Howard Dean for HHS or Health Czar

Remember Tom Daschle was selected for two different positions in the Obama administration. The Secretary of Health and Human Services and Health Czar. These can be and are meant to be two distinct jobs (otherwise, why bother having a health czar).

At this point, if Howard Dean is not selected for at least one of these positions, it is a clear snub. But not just to Dean, but to all like-minded progressives. There's no way that Rahm Emanuel's animosity toward Dean can be explained away if they pass over him again, especially given his tremendous success at the DNC. That success is not a claim he holds over the Democratic Party, it is a testament to his ability to get things done.

We still want to get things done, right? We don't just want to bargain with the Republicans all day long and walk away without real change, do we? Are we playing a political game of who can appear to be more bi-partisan or are we really going to bring the change that was promised?

You know who promised change and then really delivered? Howard Dean. No one believed that he could change the mindset at the DNC and have the kind of success he did with the 50 state strategy. But he got it done. It would be unconscionable to ignore that. If they don't tap Dean for at least one of these positions, there is something seriously wrong with the way this administration is going about its business. This would bring things to the point where I would begin to question if they actually want to affect change or not.

By the way, why is there always room for another Republican in this team of rivals cabinet, but never room for one strong progressive voice we all trust like Howard Dean?