Howard Fineman On GOP Health Care Strategy: 'Stand On The Sidelines With Their Arms Folded' (VIDEO)

Howard Fineman On GOP Health Care Strategy: 'Stand On The Sidelines With Their Arms Folded' (VIDEO)

Appearing on Countdown last night, Howard Fineman gave MSNBC viewers the alternative proposal for health care reform being proposed by the GOP:

FINEMAN: I talked to people on [Capitol] Hill all day today, talked to Republicans as well as Democrats. Republicans claim they have a plan -- they don't. They claim they're going to have a plan -- they won't. Uhh...their whole strategy is to stand on the sidelines with their arms folded, while the Democrats try to work this thing out. That's their whole strategy.

Asked how not delivering a health care proposal benefits Republicans, Fineman stated, "Well I don't think it does. A lot of Republicans, privately, when they are in their...sort of, non-tribal moments will admit that."

I don't know. As strategies go, though, it's not bad. And it's a pretty well-funded one as well! Via the Sunlight Foundation, here's a chart of the Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee -- the "key arbiter on the many sticking points of the proposed legislation" -- and what they're getting for all that arm folding:

It's nice work if you can get it, and then do no work! And all that money is going to go a long way to getting incumbents re-elected, whether they start proposing health care reform innovations or not. With regard to the guns the GOP has trained at their own feet, Fineman is on stronger footing when he discusses that fact that they've become the party of talking "about racial fears and resentments" and "about where Barack Obama was born."


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