Howard Fineman: Tax Cut Vote 'A Profile In Painful Caution' For Democrats

Howard Fineman, HuffPost's new senior political editor, appeared on MSNBC's "Countdown" Tuesday night to discuss the Democratic legislative strategy on the expiring Bush tax cuts as well as his new job.

"It sounds like a profile in painful caution," Fineman told host Keith Olbermann. "At this point, nothing is really clear, and the Democrats are afraid of their own shadow on this in more ways than I can count."

Later in the discussion, Fineman addressed his move to The Huffington Post, "one of the biggest news websites out there now."

"If I'm going to still cover politics, which I'd love to do as long as I live, I've got to understand not just the Internet, but social networking," Fineman said. "Obama's campaign was a Facebook-based campaign. The tea party is a Twitter-based campaign, it's hashtag politics. And social networking is what HuffPo does, in addition to reporting the news. That's why I did it, and I'm excited as all hell about it."