These Black Graduates Swag Surfing Are The Epitome Of Black Joy

Howard University and Langston University students have put all other graduation ceremonies to shame.

You may think your graduation was lit, but did you and every one you know swag surf? No?

Well, sit down and read on.

Graduates at Howard University and Langston University decided to dance themselves into post-grad life by celebrating with a group swag surfin’ session.

And the videos are truly glorious. Take a look at these from a Howard U ceremony that appears to have gone down on May 12:

Filmmaker Matthew Cherry noted that the epic video footage wasn’t even of the entire graduating class: 

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Langston University students did some serious swag surfing of their own. They also had their graduation outdoors and, we have to say, the sun shining on these swag surfers is... inspirational. 

If you’re unfamiliar with swag surfing, let us direct you to the song “Swag Surfin” by F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz). The song has been called “the most culturally impactful one-hit one wonder of all time.” 

And, clearly, people agree:

Hell, it even happened at the White House:

So, let’s all congratulate the grads ― may they swag surf their way to great jobs and bright futures!



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