Howard Kurtz, CNN Panel Excoriate David Gregory Over Glenn Greenwald Question (VIDEO)

WATCH: CNN Panel Excoriates David Gregory

CNN "Reliable Sources" host Howard Kurtz and a panel of guests excoriated "Meet the Press" host David Gregory on Sunday for asking Glenn Greenwald if The Guardian reporter should be charged with a crime.

Last week, Gregory asked Greenwald why The Guardian journalist "shouldn't be charged with a crime" for "the extent to which [he has] aided and abetted" NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Greenwald hit back at the question at the time and a chorus of critics followed, with many members of the media eviscerating Gregory for echoing lawmakers' talking points. Kurtz and his CNN panel piled on the criticism.

Kurtz said Gregory's question bordered on "outright unfairness." He later added, "Glenn Greenwald is not only just a lawyer and a commentator, but an activist on these national security issues. And there's almost a feeling maybe that some in the establishment media in Washington and New York resent this and therefore are kind of denigrating him. But let's face it, he got the scoop that others didn't -- Washington Post shared it -- and the facts of the story have held up."

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