Howard Kurtz: Tamron Hall Was Wrong To Cut Tim Carney's Mic During On Air Clash (VIDEO)

CNN host and Newsweek/The Daily Beast columnist Howard Kurtz laid into MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall for cutting off a guest's mic on her Friday show.

Hall asked guest Tim Carney to weigh in on the report of GOP candidate Mitt Romney's bullying incidents in prep school. Before answering the question, Carney charged that Hall and her colleagues in the media were hyping up the story. That set Hall off. After smacking him down for a minute, she cut off his mic. "You're not gonna come on and insult me," she said to Carney.

After replaying the clip, Kurtz defended Carney, saying that all he did was "challenge her coverage of the report on Mitt Romney." Kurtz added, "It was Tamron Hall who was being insulting by silencing him."

Kurtz believed that it was "perfectly acceptable" for Carney to state that in his opinion, the story was being hyped up by the media. "Does Hall only want guests that agree with her handling of every story?" Kurtz wondered.



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