Artist Howard Lee's Stunning Hyperrealistic Drawings Will Make You Question Reality

“Don't believe your eyes. They lie.”

Can you spot the real from the two-dimensional? When it comes to Howard Lee’s stunning artwork, that can be a tall order indeed.

Lee, a England-based artist known for his mind-boggling hyperrealistic drawings, first captured the world’s attention last year with a video of two hot dogs -- one real and one drawn. In the clip, he uses a knife to smash the edible version, thus revealing the difference between the two:

Since then, Lee has been creating similarly confusing works of art, featuring everyday objects and food items like Coke cans, a McDonald’s meal and balloons.

“You start with a few sketchy lines and then everything after that is a ‘spot the difference,’” Lee told Mashable about his drawing process. “You compare the differences and correct them. For hyperrealistic art you just don't stop that process until you've created an illusion of sorts. With my own work it's important that reality and drawing look the same from the perspective of a camera so there's quite a process of checking/comparing for me there.”

Lee told the outlet that he “enjoys drawing anything that confuses the eye,” though he gravitates towards food.

“I don't know why,” he said. “Perhaps they are just everyday and plain so I guess that contributes to the illusion. You don't expect anything odd to happen with such common objects.”

Scroll down to see some of Lee’s mind-bending drawings. Or visit his website and Instagram page for a more complete collection of his work.

And remember to heed Lee's warning: “Don't believe your eyes. They lie.”

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