'This Is Bulls**t': Howard Schultz Adviser Abandons His Own Podcast

“I’m not doing this," said Steve Schmidt as he stormed out.

Steve Schmidt is Howard Schultz’s political adviser, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to answer questions on the potential 2020 candidate’s platforms.

During a taping of his own podcast, Schmidt, a GOP strategist and ex-MSNBC pundit, refused to discuss the former Starbucks CEO’s thoughts on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) tax proposal, storming out of an interview when pressed on the matter.

“Does he really mean that a tax on incomes over $10 million at 70 percent, which is widely popular with the American people, is ridiculous?” asked “Words Matter” host Adam Levine. “Is that an adult conversation?”

Responding, Schmidt defended Schultz’s thinking, explaining that he feels “it’s ridiculous and it’s confiscatory in that it’s anti-growth.”

Levine then wondered whether the coffee mogul was simply considering “his own pocket” rather than any other sound logic on economic behaviors.

“This is bullshit,” Schmidt shot back. “I’m not doing this.”

That’s when the adviser shut down the interview despite Levine’s demands he answer the question.

But at one point in the recording process, things reportedly got even more heated.

According to The Daily Beast, Schmidt went on an expletive-laden tirade, angered by being tasked with defending himself in his own podcast. He was persuaded to answer a half hour’s worth of questions only after being told that his audience was furious at his decision to join a movement that could lead to President Donald Trump’s re-election. That’s significant since Schmidt has become defined as a so-called Never Trumper.

Levine revealed to The Daily Beast that Schmidt would be leaving the podcast altogether with no further involvement in the Words Matter company.

Not long after, co-host Elise Jordan announced via Twitter that she, too, would be stepping down.

Last week, Schultz said it will be another three or four months before he decides whether he will seek an independent candidacy for president, Politico reported.

The full podcast will be released on Monday.