Howard Stern Hits Unvaxxed Aaron Rodgers With Brutal Question About His Toe Injury

The radio host ripped the Green Bay Packers quarterback for lying about his COVID vaccine status.

Radio host Howard Stern ripped unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers as a “fuckhead” and taunted the Green Bay Packers quarterback over his treatment for a bad toe on his SiriusXM show on Monday.

“This fucking Aaron Rodgers, he’s a scumbag because he lied,” Stern told a caller talking about unvaccinated NFL players, who can’t play after testing positive for COVID-19.

Rodgers misled fans by saying he was “immunized,” but the lie was revealed when he became infected. He then made a series of wild vaccine claims.

“Forget about the fact that he didn’t take the vaccine, he lied to everybody,” Stern continued in audio shared by Mediaite. “He put people in danger. People have families. He’s a fuckhead and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves.”

“Now I hear he has a toe injury. Let me ask you something: When he had the toe injury, did he go to the doctor or did he go to Joe Rogan?” asked Stern, referencing Rodgers’ admission that he’d sought advice from the podcast host who himself has courted controversial, misleading and selfish opinions on the shots.

“Who fixed his toe?” said Stern. “I bet you he went to a doctor. So he goes to doctors for everything else, but on the vaccine he’s listening to Joe Rogan. What the fuck is going on? We’ve got to put our faith in science.”

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