Howard Stern Auctions Private Photo Shoot For Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center

Howard Stern wants to take your photo for a “wild” cause.

The say-anything satellite radio host is auctioning off his budding picture-taking skills to a fan willing to cough up at least $20,000 for a private one-hour photo shoot, reports. While the going rate is steep, Stern is hiking up the price to benefit one of his favorite charities, the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center, a nonprofit dedicated to rehabilitating wild animals, .

The winning bidder will get a consultation and quality hang out time with Stern, according to the center's site.

“The America’s Got Talent” judge told the news outlet that he hopes someone with "deep pockets" will step up to support the organization.

But those "deep-pocketed" bidders won’t have to worry about Stern delivering on his end of the deal.

Back in June, Stern blasted “Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier on air after he backed out of hosting a charity gala just hours before the event.

"A lot of celebrities agree to do something for a charity…And at the last minute they cancel, leaving the charity stranded," Stern said on his radio show. "I do lose respect for people when they do this. They always have a great excuse"