Howard Stern Says Bradley Cooper Has Agreed To Be His Running Mate

The shock jock's presidential bid just picked up steam.

Now that’s the ticket.

Radio shock jock Howard Stern, who said he is closer to running for president in 2024, announced Wednesday that actor Bradley Cooper has agreed to be his running mate. (Watch the video below.)

“This guy is gonna bring in the female vote like you wouldn’t believe,” Stern told sidekick Robin Quivers on his SiriusXM show.

Stern said he received a congratulations text from the “A Star is Born” filmmaker when Stern touted his presidential bid this week. Stern said he used the chance to ask Cooper if he’d be his vice president. “Done,” was Cooper’s reported response.

Cooper expressed concerns about being “another white male,” Stern said, but the so-called King of All Media reassured the “Maestro” star that he’d be “such an asset, people will understand.”

Stern said the nine-time Oscar nominee was the first person he asked. “He said yes, so my search is over.”

Outrage at the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade last week reignited Stern’s interest in being commander in chief. Stern previously floated a bid if Donald Trump were to run again. “I’ll beat his ass,” he vowed in November 2021.

Quivers noted that former President Ronald Reagan acted with a chimp in the “Bedtime for Bonzo” movie. “Now we’re gonna have a guy who’s played a raccoon,” she said, referring to Cooper’s voicing of Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Stern thought of the perfect campaign slogan: “He’s a real patriot and a great raccoon.”

Cooper’s reps have not responded to inquiries from the New York Daily News. HuffPost has reached out as well.

Stern briefly ran for New York governor in 1994 but dropped out over a requirement that he disclose his finances, the New York Post noted.

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