Howard Stern Taunts 'Genius' Donald Trump Jr. With Sarcastic Over-The-Top Praise

The radio shock jock escalates his war of words with the president and his family.

Radio icon Howard Stern fired another salvo in his escalating war of words with the Trump family, this time hitting back at Donald Trump Jr.

After Stern claimed last week that the president hates his own supporters, Trump Jr. fired back that the SiriusXM host was out of touch with his own audience ― and attempted to dismiss him as “Hollywood Howard” and “acting like Hillary Clinton.”

Stern on Tuesday offered a mocking surrender.

“I can’t argue with him, that kid is such a success,” Stern said, according to the New York Daily News. “He is such a wit, he is such a genius. He would have made a fortune if he wasn’t under his father’s thumb. Game over. You can’t argue with a genius like that.”

He added:

“The way this kid has risen in the business world and just taken it by storm ... to be criticized by him is damaging. I would list all of Junior’s accomplishments right now, but I only have a three-hour show.”

Stern also taunted Trump Jr.’s hunting exploits, which have included pictures of him posing with a knife and an elephant’s tail.

“You can’t argue with that kind of bravery,” Stern mocked. “Even the guys in Afghanistan right now are going, ‘Jesus Christ, what a kid.’”

And he took aim at Trump Jr.’s relationship with his father.

“I only pray to God that his comments will impress his father and his father will give him love,” he said. “He’ll get some good attention.”

The president’s son responded on Twitter by claiming more people would see his tweet than listen to Stern’s radio show.

Stern was once friendly with the president, who was a regular guest on the radio show years ago. Last week Stern suggested he’d be happy to join Trump at Mar-a-Lago again ― under one condition.

“I do think it would be extremely patriotic of Donald to say, ‘I’m in over my head, and I don’t want to be president anymore,’” Stern said. “It’d be so patriotic that I’d hug him, and then I’d go back to Mar-a-Lago and have a meal with him and feel good about him because it would be such an easy thing to do.”