Howard Stern Offers Some Blunt Advice For Dwayne Johnson, Matthew McConaughey

The radio host told the possible future politicians what "they don't understand" about running for office.

Radio host Howard Stern offered some sobering advice for celebrities thinking about running for political office on his SiriusXM show Wednesday.

Stern warned how potential candidates ― such as actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Matthew McConaughey, who have both expressed interest in entering politics ― could tarnish their neutral images by actually having to take a stand on certain divisive issues.

“Jumanji” star Johnson has previously floated the idea of running for president. And “Magic Mike” actor McConaughey said in March that he’s considering running for governor of Texas, his home state.

“You know what it is with these guys is that they don’t understand, once you run for office, you actually have to give an opinion,” said Stern, according to the New York Daily News. “Like this guy, The Rock. Lovely guy, I’ve met him. He’s the most noncontroversial human being you’ll ever meet.”

But Stern cautioned that the tide could quickly turn on Johnson once the wrestler-turned-actor took a stand on a political issue, such as abortion rights: “Oops. Suddenly, people don’t like The Rock.”

He added that McConaughey would face similar issues if he were asked a question about gun control, given his previous advocacy on the issue.

“As soon as he answers that, half of Texas is going to take him and throw him out a window,” Stern said.

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