Howard Stern Has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife

Fartman himself has never farted in front of his wife.

Howard Stern's wife Beth, who married the shock jock 2008, said in a HuffPost Live interview Thursday that her husband has not farted in front of her once during their 15-year relationship.

"We don't do that in front of each other," Beth told host Ricky Camilleri with a laugh. "The 'Fartman' has yet to fart in front of his wife ... We don't go to the bathroom in front of each other, we don't do that. Some things are left for private."

Anyone in a long-term relationship or marriage might find that hard to believe. But Stern, who sat down with Camilleri to talk about the upcoming Kitten Bowl that she's hosting, maintained that while there might have been an unintentional fart here or there, none have been memorable or intentional.

"Maybe like an accidental one in the middle of the night," she said. "But never deliberate."

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