Howard Stern Mocks Trevor Noah For Being Too Much Of A ‘Cheerleader’ At The Grammys

"He had to sit there and tell everyone how great they are," Stern said of Noah's hosting duties.

Howard Stern has a theory as to why Trevor Noah was so amiable at the Grammys.

Despite the former “Daily Show” host receiving praise for keeping his jokes positive at the awards show Sunday night, Stern felt his comedic offerings lacked edge.

“He did the opposite of a roast. He was like a cheerleader,” the radio legend said on his SiriusXM show Monday. “He didn’t say one negative thing about anybody.”

Stern then played a few clips from Noah’s opening monologue — where he gushed over producer Mark Ronson and his super famous mother-in-law, Meryl Streep, and rappers 21 Savage and Doja Cat — before proceeding to mock the South African comedian.

“21 Savage is so great. You know how great 21 Savage is? He always pays his taxes on time! He’s got a great physique! He’s got a great ass! He’s 21 Savage, he’s fantastic,” Stern said. “No one is safe, no one is off limits from my admiration, and you will hear it tonight!“

After mocking Noah some more, Stern shared why he thinks the comedian was so tame while hosting the nationally televised event.

“I think he’s in a hard position, Trevor Noah. I felt so bad for the guy,” Stern said, adding, “I think he did what he had to do. He had to sit there and tell everyone how great they are. You have to.”

Stern then brought up Jo Koy and how his hosting of this year’s Golden Globes was widely panned.

“He went up there, he tried to make a few jokes and they almost fucking killed the guy,” Stern said.

Affable or not, Noah was certainly the antithesis of Koy. Koy attempted to roast several of the celebrities in attendance at the Golden Globes and received criticism not only for his mean-spirited style but also because many of his jokes didn’t really land.

Noah, meanwhile, has been celebrated for keeping things upbeat and subverting the audience’s expectations by being a lighthearted awards show host, with Taylor Swift even telling him he did a “beautiful job” during a backstage moment at the Grammys.

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