Howard Stern's Co-Host Robin Quivers Returns To The Studio After Beating Uterine Cancer

Howard Stern's trusty sidekick is back! Robin Quivers, who has battled uterine cancer for the past 17 months, returned to the studio this morning after defeating the disease.

Quivers had been working on Stern's SiriusXM radio show remotely while she underwent treatment, reports The Hollywood Reporter, and after four rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, she had been cured.

The 61-year-old sidekick had quite the warm welcome from Stern, who previously said he would quit the show if she couldn't do it with him. The controversial radio jockey greeted her with triumphant music and rose petals, reports E!. "It's a nice return," he said.

"It's pretty amazing," Quivers said. "I was brushing my teeth this morning and thinking about going back on the air for the first time after surgery and how incredibly difficult that was. And today not feeling anything at all. It was just a normal day. You can get up and brush your teeth, throw in your clothes and run out the door."

"But never get sick again," Stern warned her, jokingly. "I could never be without you again."

"Seriously, I've been praying for this day and I'm really happy that you are here and it makes me very, very happy," he added, revealing that he was "depressed" over her illness and unsure what the outcome would be. "This is a pretty remarkable day," he concluded.

On the occasion of her return to the studio and the release of her new book, The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life, Quivers opened up to "Entertainment Tonight" about one of the most difficult parts for her in battling cancer: losing her hair.

"You don't realize how important hair is until it's gone," Quivers told "ET." "And even during the time that I was feeling fine and didn't have any hair I didn't really want to be in public all that much. I didn't want to be seen because I didn't feel that I looked like myself. I felt that I looked sick at that point. Before the chemo you couldn't look at me and tell that something was going on, but when you lose your hair people can tell."



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