Howard Stern Trashes Imus: "I Knew He Was A Racist Back Then"

Howard Stern appeared on The Late Show last night and used the opportunity to, among other things, trash Don Imus. "Radio has completely died since I left," he told David Letterman, noting that the big news in radio is Don Imus' return. "They resurrected him like a mummy, I can't even believe he's back," Stern said. "I knew he was a racist back then. I've been screaming for 20 years the guy's a racist. He was screaming the n-word in the halls."

Watch, as Stern mocks Imus for his ratings, his wrinkles, and his racism:

Howard Stern appeared on Letterman last night and declared the death of radio since he left for satellite. He also took the opportunity to trash Imus: "I knew he was a racist back then, I was screaming for 20 years."

From CBS, 1/10