Howie Mandel Pulled A Brutal Prank On Conan O'Brien (Ben Affleck Was There)

The two reminisced about Mandel's genius gag on the late night host and his staff.

Comedian Howie Mandel punked Conan O’Brien so badly years ago that the talk show host brought it up on Wednesday. (See the clip below.)

In an interview on “Conan,” Mandel was discussing a new podcast with his daughter, Jackelyn, when O’Brien mentioned the devious backstage prank. “I’m so sorry about that,” Mandel said.

It was actually genius, as O’Brien and Mandel tell it.

Mandel had a guest gig on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in 1999 and showed up with a friend pretending to be his agent. The friend had blood pellets that exploded to make it look like he was bleeding out of his ears, and O’Brien and his staff feared the man had a brain hemorrhage or aneurysm. Meanwhile Ben Affleck, who apparently was waiting his turn to appear, picked him up off the floor.

But Mandel’s buddy played the devoted Hollywood agent to a T, repeatedly saying it wasn’t about him and expressing concern about Mandel’s segment.

“I remember thinking that guy’s a great agent,” O’Brien told Mandel. “Everyone’s dream is an agent who would be bleeding from both ears and still will be looking out for your interests and not going to the hospital.”

It’s funnier to watch their reminiscence. Fast-forward to 2:50:

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