HP Slate 500 Features, Price Officially Unveiled (PHOTOS)

A Windows 7 tablet has arrived.

The HP Slate 500, designed "specifically for business, enterprise and vertical customers," according to the press release, boasts an 8.9-inch multi-touch screen, 3MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and a webcam. For $799, you'll get the 1.5-pound HP Slate 500, along with an HP Slate Digital Pen, HP Slate Dock, and HP Slate Portfolio.

Engadget writes of the device: We only got to spend a short time with the tablet, but the 1024 x600-resolution capacitive screen provided a decently responsive experience within Windows, and the Wacom stylus, which there oddly isn't a slot for on the tablet itself, was great for doodling in Paint and writing in WordPad. While the active digitizer does add a bit to the overall price, we think it's worth it especially for text input as the soft keyboard can be a bit cramped on the smaller screen.

CrunchGear's take: This thing runs Windows 7. It runs it just well enough to make it a compelling device for point-of service and other niche markets. It doesn't run it well enough to, say, convince me to get rid of my laptop.

The Register: Not that the desktop OS is anything to be ashamed of, and the HP Slate 500 (as HP has monikered the thing) seems to run the OS at a decent clip despite weighing only 680 grams. CNET: We got a chance to sit down with the HP Slate 500 recently, and found it to be a lightweight, sturdy device, with a slick industrial design and several hardware advantages over the iPad, especially when it comes to ports and connections.

See photos and videos of the HP Slate 500 below.