HP Touchpad, Palm Pre, And Other Hewlett-Packard Devices To Say Goodbye To (PICTURES)

In discontinuing its tablet and webOS phone hardware lines, Hewlett-Packard is killing off several pieces of hardware that it had just released.

HP's newest devices weren't exactly tearing up the marketplace. According to one report, Best Buy had ordered 270,000 HP Touchpad tablets and only sold 25,000 of them; a March 2011 comScore report said that HP's WebOS was being used by about 3 percent of smartphone users, badly trailing phone operating systems by Google, RIM, Apple and Microsoft.

Below is our HP Graveyard, the smartphones and tablet (oh, there's one big tablet) that were around for the HP death spiral. WebOS, the Palm/HP operating system might be sticking around, but we definitely won't be seeing these HP gadgets anymore, so take your time to grieve and say goodbye to these gizmos.

Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, HP and Palm devices; it tolls for thee: