'HTGAWM' Star Charlie Weber Reveals 'Drastic' Beard Shaving Was His Idea

The scene broke hearts all over the internet.

“How To Get Away With Murder” heartthrob Charlie Weber stopped by The Huffington Post on Friday to indulge us in some behind-the-scenes gossip following the Season 3 premiere.


In true #HTGAWM fashion, the show kicked off with Viola Davis sobbing over a body bag. But the audience took to Twitter to address a more pressing mystery: How could Weber’s character, Frank Delfino, shave his iconic beard? 

Weber, who plays the tall, dark and handsome tough guy on the show, explained to HuffPost’s Lauren Moraski last week that it was his idea to buzz the scruff. He said it took some convincing to get the show’s creator, Peter Norwalk, on board ― after all, Weber’s beard has its own fan-run Instagram account. But the on-screen shearing marked a turn in the character’s storyline.

“[Norwalk] was a little hesitant,” Weber said. “He thought that might be a little drastic. But ultimately, after explaining myself and what that meant to the character, and what it symbolized, he let me.”

While Weber, whose clean-shaven face you might recognize from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” didn’t elaborate further on the subject, he did delve into his character’s tortured relationship with Laurel Castillo, played by Karla Souza.

“I think there’s a chemistry there, but Frank is so ― he doesn’t know what to do with the love that he feels,” he said. “He doesn’t know how to express it appropriately.”

As for the fate of Frank’s beautiful beard, Weber’s not so sure.

“I’m at the mercy of Frank,” he joked. “I just do what he tells me.”

Find out what Charlie Weber did for his birthday, how he got his role on “How To Get Away With Murder” and more by watching the full conversation below:



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