The Geekiest Google Logos Of All Time (PICTURES)

Hubble Telescope Google Logo Celebrates 20th Anniversary (PICTURES)

The Hubble telescope has taken over Google!

Google exchanged its primary-colored logo for a space-themed Google Doodle in celebration of Hubble telescope's 20th anniversary.

The site is also featuring a collection of Hubble imagery on Google Earth that allows users to "take a tour of the universe."

Google writes,

Launched into orbit in 1990, NASA's Hubble Telescope has revolutionized astronomy and inspired a generation with its magnificent views of the universe. To celebrate Hubble's 20th Birthday, we've teamed up with our friends at the Space Telescope Science Institute to share our 20 favorite Hubble images.

See the Hubble telescope Google logo below, then check out the geekiest Google Doodles ever to be featured on the search engine's homepage. Vote for your favorite!

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