Huckabee Slams Karl Rove & GOP Establishment For 'Elitism,' 'Country Club Attitude'

Former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took his turn Sunday to hammer an apparent rift between some big names in the conservative leadership and the GOP establishment.

Speaking with conservative radio host Aaron Klein on his WABC radio show, Huckabee was asked about recent "infighting" between conservative powers such as Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and Republican strategist Karl Rove.

"I was very disappointed in some of the -- particularly Karl and others -- who were so dismissive of Christine O'Donnell," Huckabee told Klein, referring to a contentious moment following the Tea Party-backed candidate's surprise win in Delaware, in which Rove appeared to imply that O'Donnell was in a race that she couldn't win.

"Unfortunately, there is an elitism within the Republican establishment," Huckabee told Klein. "And it's one of the reasons the Republicans have not been able to solidify not only the tea party movement but solidify conservatives across America. Because a lot of people know that it's not so much about the principles of really controlling government and having responsible people in office, it's about making sure that the right people get into the game to play."

Huckabee continued:

"It's almost, again to be blunt, the kind of country club attitude, that we're not sure there's certain people we really want as members of the club. And we don't mind showing up to events to put up signs and making phone calls and going door-to-door making those pesky little trips that we don't like to do, but we really don't want them dining with us in the main dining room."

Last week, Rush Limbaugh jabbed Rove when he said that his recent comments about the Tea Party's lack of sophistication were based on "jealousies and egos and competition."