Huckabee-Dumond Files: Text Of Police Report/Affidavit

Comes [REDACTED] and having been duly sworn, deposes and says:

My name is [REDACTED] I am [REDACTED] with the Arkansas State Police and am the commander of [REDACTED] of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division.

In September of 1976, I was employed by the Arkansas Stats Police as a [REDACTED] In that capacity, I investigated a rape charge against Wayne Dumond in which he had attacked and raped [REDACTED] now [REDACTED] Attached hereto is a copy of my investigative report in that file. If you will read the report you will se that on [REDACTED] someone entered [REDACTED] bedroom and raped her. [REDACTED] did not report the rape because she was going through a divorce at the time and was afraid that it would effect the custody proceedings of her minor child. On September 18, 1976, there was again entry to her house but no one could be found on that occasion. Subsequently on September 28, 1976, a group of neighbors and police were maintaining watch over [REDACTED] residencies. At that time, Wayne Dumond was seen approaching the apartment of [REDACTED] from the rear. When Wayne Dumond became aware that he was being observed, he turned and ran. He was followed home where he was arrested. He now claims that the first assault on [REDACTED] was a sex for drugs transaction. If so, he also needs to come up with an explanation for the later two visits.

It is also my understanding that Wayne Dumond is claiming that the victim in the case for which he is serving time in the Department of Corrections was coached by the [REDACTED] and provided with a picture of Wane Dumond, which they had gotten from me, so that she could identify hi. You will remember from all of the other records in this case that Wane Dumond was identified by this victim on November 1, 1984, and arrested on that date by [REDACTED]

As part of the file on the original Dumond rape case in Arkansas County which is attached hereto is a photocopy of a picture of Wayne Dumond. That is all that I ever sent to [REDACTED] Police I did not send them an actual picture. You will also notice that on every page of the report are the initials [REDACTED] the word mail and the date [REDACTED] The importance of this is that [REDACTED] who requested the file. The letters [REDACTED] The word mail means that I mailed the investigative report, and [REDACTED] is the date which I mailed it. Obviously, the file and the photocopy of the picture were mailed some five (5) days after the victim had identified Dumond, and there was no way that she could have been coached using these materials


I, [REDACTED] state on oath that the facts and circumstances set forth in the foregoing Affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


At 6:56 pm, September 28, 1976, this investigator and [REDACTED] interviewed Mr. WAYNE E. DUMOND at the [REDACTED] Police Department. Present during the interview was [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] Police Department.

The suspect's rights were described on the CIS-116 Form were read and explained to him, and his responses were recorded on that form.

WAYNE stated to [REDACTED] that he had removed the screen from the window at the house of [REDACTED] although he didn't know who lived there and it wasn't anything personal.

WAYNE stated that he went upstairs to the bedroom, and that the woman was asleep when he went into the room. WAYNE stated that the woman woke up, and he held a knife on her while he committed the rape, and that the woman's baby was in the bed with her.

WAYNE stated that when he completed the sexual intercourse, he left through the front door.

WAYNE state that the knife that he used to hold against the woman was an Army pocketknife.

At this time, WAYNE DUMOND stated that he desired not to answer any further questions, reference: the rape or attempted rapes of [REDACTED] or the [REDACTED]

The suspect WAYNE DUMOND refused to read, sign, or initial the statement that he had made in the presence of [REDACTED] and this investigator.

The interview was terminated at 7:56 pm, September 28, 1976.

The suspect was released to the custody of [REDACTED] and was transported to the County Jail in [REDACTED]



It is requested that this case be carried as closed by arrest. The suspect WAYNE E. DUMOND has been charged with one count of rape in the Circuit Court of Arkansas County. The suspect is presently undergoing evaluation at the [REDACTED]