Huckster's Cuddly Appearance on the Tonight Show

Huckster's Cuddly Appearance on the Tonight Show made me gag.
Huckster has become the chosen leader of the Christian Republic of
Ameristan by pandering, like Bush, in every way possible to their
singular issue base (must be a "values" Christian, must be "values"
Christian, must be "values" Christian... repeat ad naseum). The
number one issue for the fundamentalists is not Iraq, the economy,
education or health care... it's that their chosen candidate must
pray like them. And the Huckster makes sure he is '"kneeling to God"
before them and, in spite of, the rest of the country.

As Huck panders to Jay's mostly democratic audience, we hear he's
really just a regular, home town guy for the working person. We
learn that he also plays guitar (a love he gained during -- wink wink
-- the freewheeling 60s!), makes fun of the South (we are fat and
live in trailers) and is even a fitness buff. In fact, he's "...seen every social pathology out there..." and just wants to help.
Probably by electroshocking the homosexuals and making sure the
government has greater social and cultural control over its
population. But, afterall, just like Bush, Huck knows best. Let's
have him over for a friendly BBQ!

We can forgive Huck for conveniently (he says he did not know the
Tonight Show did not reach an agreement with writers) crossing a
picket line to further his ambition, because he "says" that he
supports the writers. Just like Bush "says" he supports the troops.
Actions speaker louder than... well, you know the drill. Insincerity
and hypocrisy just drips off this guy.

What really gets me, though, is that so many people fall for this
hokum. I've been reading comments about his appearance on news sites
and quite a few people are commenting that "he seems like a great
guy, has a lot of views in common with Obama." He's surging in the
polls. What?!?! Will America ever learn?