These Dogs Are Having A Fancier Wedding Than You

When Chelsea and Hudson first touched noses, the two dogs knew it was love at first sniff.

Or at least their owners did.

But sometimes just knowing is not enough. Sometimes, you gotta let the whole wide world in on the romance with a full-blown celebration and a wedding video to boot.

"...I mentioned (over wine) how funny it'd be if Hudson and [Chelsea] got married," one of the dogs' owners told Brooklyn-based wedding photographer Danni Rivera. "Like, really married. With flowers and an invitation and a ceremony and guests. The whole shebang."

And the whole shebang they did have. So be warned: the video above might make you mad that a couple of dogs had a nicer wedding than you did.

There were invitations, centerpieces, an aisle lined with flowers, amazing table settings with centerpieces and a gorgeous wedding cake.


Try not to be envious. Just try.


And, of course, there were lots of balloons for the guests to party with.


If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding, take cues from these guys, because they did it right.

Dog Wedding