Trippy 'Huelux' Time-Lapse Video Takes The Sky To New Heights

WATCH: Trippy Time-Lapse Takes The Night Sky To New Heights

If you haven't had a moment to enjoy the stars recently, here's a new video that will more than suffice.

Shot over an eight-month period by time-lapse photographer Randy Halverson, the video gives a mind-boggling look at the night sky in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah. It was uploaded to Vimeo on Jan. 27, 2014.

"The thunderstorm at 2:52 is pretty awesome," Vimeo senior curator Sam Morrill commented on the video.

In addition to some breathtaking thunderstorms and auroras borealis, you'll see a sequence that Halverson wrote in the video's description as being the "best Milky Way shots of the year in Wyoming." Enjoy!

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