HuffPost Live's Deep Dive Into On-Campus Sexual Assault

Host Zerlina Maxwell takes a closer look at the complicated issue of rape at American universities.

During the last week of August, HuffPost Live launched a weeklong series investigating campus sexual assault and the issues many victims can face when reporting rape to universities. Host Zerlina Maxwell sat down with Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack ObamaJanet Napolitano, the president of the University of California system, and numerous other victims and advocates to figure out how we can combat the widespread epidemic. Check out the seven-part series below.


Valerie Jarrett: Senior advisor to President Barack Obama

Alison Kiss: Executive director, Clery Center for Security on Campus

Laura Dunn: Executive director, SurvJustice; campus sexual assault survivor



Annie Clark: Executive director, End Rape on Campus; lead complainant in two Department of Education complains against UNC

Wagatwe Wanjuki: Anti-violence activist; writer at Upworthy



Tyler Kinkade: HuffPost College senior editor

Sofie Karasek: Director of education & co-founder, End Rape on Campus; Title IX complainant

Zoe Ridolfi-Starr: Programs coordinator, Know Your IX



Neil Irvin: Executive director, Men Can Stop Rape

Chris Kluwe: Former NFL player

Don McPherson: Former NFL player

Kevin Powell: Co-founder, BK Nation; activist



Janet Napolitano: President, University of California system; former Secretary of Homeland Security

Chardonnay Madkins: Title IX complainant against Hampton University

Karla Benson Rutten: Title IX coordinator and director of equity, Macalester College

Synclaire Butler: Filing complaint against Morehouse College; junior at Spelman College



Rosemonde Pierre-Louis: Commissioner, NYC Mayor's Office to combat domestic violence

Alexandra Brodsky: Co-founder, Know Your IX

Ali Safran: Director, Surviving in Numbers

John Kelly: Genderqueer survivor of sexual assault and activist; student, Harvard Divinity School



Gwen Moore: Representative For Wisconsin's 4th District

Andrea Pino: Sexual assault survivor; director of policy and support, End Rape on Campus

Malakai Coté: Licensed psychologist


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