Huffington Post Editors' Picks: Favorite Books (PHOTOS, POLL)

We know that The Huffington Post reader is a book lover, and once we got started building the Books section, we discovered how deeply The Huffington Post staff loves books. The response in house was so big, that we had to break this slide show into two. The next one will appear next week, and we'll post these periodically.

These are some of our favorites. Among them are bestsellers, children's books, historical novels, works of great literature and great hope. Each title means something to the editor who picked it, and each took the time to write something about what the book meant to them, so we hope you'll look at the captions.

Which of these would you read? Vote and let us know. And publishers, go ahead and stick it on your covers: A Huffington Post Editor's Pick! And... if you have a favorite book to add to the list then hit the "Participate" button below and let us know by uploading a photo of your favorite book cover and describing why it's your pick.