HuffPost Greece Launches In Athens

Today The Huffington Post launched its 11th international edition, HuffPost Greece. We are thrilled to welcome our team in Athens to the HuffPost family. The site is in partnership with 24MEDIA, the largest digital media publisher in Greece.

The Greek site is near and dear to Arianna's heart, as she notes in her blog celebrating the launch:

For me, this is the ultimate homecoming -- not only because this is where I and my accent were born, but because HuffPost is very firmly rooted in a Greek tradition of bringing people together and facilitating interesting conversations. When we began our international expansion more than three years ago, I knew that one day HuffPost’s own odyssey -- to borrow from one of my compatriots -- would lead us to Greece. And I couldn’t be happier that that day has finally come.

HuffPost is known for its hybrid approach of original reporting, aggregation and an inclusive blog platform, and HuffPost Greece is committed to bringing that approach to its Greek readers. HuffPost Greece Editorial director Sophia Papaioannou writes:

Our goal is not just to provide you with all the breaking news. We intend to relentlessly follow the big issues of the day, to analyze events with fresh eyes, courage and humor, too. In short, we are striving to discover new people and ideas, new standards and sights.

Our chief aim, though, is for Huffington Post Greece to become your voice. We will be a platform for bloggers, both established and up-and-coming, to start a dialogue about the issues that interest them, with an eye always firmly fixed on the future. Our relationship will not end with a single post but will continue in the modern version of the dialectical method (as our ancestors would say) that the Internet and social media now afford us.

Just one example of the great contributions to HuffPost's global newsroom that HuffPost Greece is already making is this interview with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades:

This week, Anastasiades sat down for an exclusive interview with HuffPost Greece's Editorial Director Sophia Papaioannou and Editor-in-Chief Nikos Agouros ahead of the launch of HuffPost Greece, which debuted Thursday.

The president told HuffPost that while he was disappointed with the way Europe handled the financial crisis, Cyprus' economy is now on the path to recovery.

Watch the full interview, with English subtitles, here.

Arianna also interviewed Greek President Karolos Papoulias, who had harsh criticism for the so-called "Troika" or organizations that handled the nation's financial crisis:

Speaking with Huffington, Papoulias criticized the positions of the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the European Central Bank and was particularly hard for their demands in upcoming negotiations with the Greek government. Papoulias said the Troika often exhibits "a mean spirit," adding they act "as if they are speaking to rocks and not people."

Earlier, Huffington had urged Greeks to voice a resounding "no" to the demands of the Troika.

Read the full interview here.

Check out photos from our launch party in Athens below!



Launch party for HuffPost Greece