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Huffington Post Readers Choose 10 of the World's Most Beautiful Older Women

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Two months ago, we ran a feature titled Six of the World's Most Beautiful Older Women. To our amazement, nearly 900 comments poured in and the piece went widely viral. Clearly a nerve had been struck.

The article was, at heart, a celebration of women's beauty at every stage of their lives. The popular perception in America seems to be that women fall off a cliff or become invisible after a certain age; the ladies we featured on our first (certainly not all-inclusive) list absolutely defy that rotten notion.

In the comments section for that piece, many of you suggested your favorite candidates for the world's most inspiring mature beauties. So we compiled a list of the most-mentioned names from the comments section, and present to you a 'People's Choice' edition of the World's Most Beautiful Older Women.

Like the women on our first list, your choices inspire the hell out of me. In fact, after doing this little project, I'm looking forward to sixty. As Holly Golightly, the ultimate glamor girl, once said:

"Wrinkles and bones, white hair and diamonds: I can't wait."

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