Indie Rock Legend Lou Barlow's New Music Video

You may not know the name Lou Barlow -- he's never stolen the mike from a teenage country singer at the VMAs, exposed a breast at the Super Bowl or been the soundtrack to an iTunes commercial.

But that doesn't mean that he or his bands -- Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh -- are any less important on our cultural sidewalk splatter. Both can be credited with shaping "indie" (I used quotes in a slightly sarcastic, eye-rollin' way) rock as we know it -- emo before it lost a ball, folk before it joined the circus and picked up a freak, rock before it forgot a guitar is better than most anything at all.

Lou's got a new record out October 6th, Goodnight Unknown, via Merge Records. To celebrate, he's released a series of videos on Lootube, his own personal indie-porn youtube. Merge gave us the exclusive first dibs on Too Much Freedom, the next installment in the series.

Check it out here: