HuffPo Readers Wax Poetic in Comments

In the comment section of a recent story on the Huffington Post, posters started making up limericks and poetry about the article's subject, Gov. Palin.
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Congratulations are in order for The Huffington Post for becoming the number one site for Political information with over 4.5 million unique viewers in September doubling it's two closest competitors viewership!. HuffPo has a great legion of readers who post on the articles, some of the best information, insight, and political info sources are provided by these citizen posters. I frequently read the various articles and post with my compadres and in Saturday's article, McCain Faces Internal Palin Insurgency by Ben Smith at Politico, a funny thing happened. In the comment section posters started making up limericks and poetry about the article's subject, Gov. Palin. Many of them are really creative and I thought I'd share a few of them with Huffpo readers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

From tuttlemsm:

Republicans up to the minute
Don't think McCain can win it.
Palin's a drag
With her $150,000 swag.
Republicans: frustrating, innit?

He offered his honor.
She honored his offer.
It all just meant bucks
In the Democrats' coffer.

And in response to an abusive post tuttle wrote:

This post, while truly effusive
Is more than simply intrusive.
It crosses the line
So I feel quite fine
About flagging it as abusive.

Tuttle's Electoral Corollary to Murphy's Law

Candidates about whom limericks are written
Rarely find voters who are smitten.
Once you've gotten to that point,
You've really stunk up the joint.
McCain should've gone with Mitten.

See, Mac won't sit in back, Sarah,
He's paid his dues.
Despite all your wailin', Palin
McCain's resigned to lose.
If you double-cross the boss, Sarah,
You'll be billed for those $150,000 shoes.
So on you they're bailin', Palin,
We thought you heard the news.

(apologies to Calvin Trillin)


Yeah, I was thinking myself that...McCain's not a Maverick...He's a Limerick!

There once was a candidate of fear
Whose policies met with a jeer
To confuse the electorate
Much hate he'd expectorate
In hopes that no truth they would hear

There once was a Senator from AZ
Who's TNT temper topped Taz
Quite easy to goad
He could easily 'splode
Whilst finger on "the button" he has!


There once was a dog with lipstick
She wasn"t considered real quick
But she got smart
And dumped the old fa.rt
Deciding to run with St. Nick!

There once was a mom
Who just thought she was the bo.mb
But who'da thunk it
She decided to it
And bolted the ticket with J.ohn.


There once was a girl from Wasilla
Her family was trashyvanilla
She shopped till she dropped
The taxpayers popped
For the red leather jacket from Thrilla

McHornyOldMan picked Mrs.Palin
He thought her niceass wouln't fail him
She opened her mouth
The poll numbers went south
Now all Repub rats are McBailin'


There once was a man named Barack
Who made Hope and Change his prime stock
He ran a campaign
That was classy and sane
And now the election's a lock.

We hope.


Vote early.

McCain went to Alaska to getcha
You were ready, yup yup, you betcha
But you never could say
What the VP does every day
Now McCain is so sorry he metcha!

I wrote this one to compliment nellie

The post that was just done by nellie
had me laughing deep in my belly
She captured Palin's vernacular
and it's quite spectacular
The rhyme should be aired on the Telly!

Another one I wrote:

Palin is now pushing back
now that we've parried her attack
Now her handlers are chagrined
Since their plan came unhinged
And Palin is abandoning the pack


I'm sure not the wordsmith you are, Paul, but here goes.....

So Sarah got some new clothes
And blush for the end of her nose
Now John is a-'flippin'
The polls are a-slippin'
As Sarah trashes her foes!


Thousands to repair all the blotchas
while the press keeps playin the gotchas
but Sarah is tricky
she's now going mavericky
she's giving all her base the hotchas.


Palin had a personal shopper named Harriett.
Her bag was so heavy she could not carry it.
When Palin where's her red pumps.
The Tro//'s hearts goes thump thump thump.
I feel sorry for the bas tard that married it.


There once was a girl from Wasilla
her voice did send quite a chilla
She's mean and she's curt
gets down in the dirt
Her mantra is drill baby drilla.

There are many more like this and many great informational posts that are worth reading. My hat is off to all of these loyal Huffpo readers. I hope after this election we can keep our focus on our future and use HuffPo to collaborate and keep informed. To those who I've omitted, it was merely a space consideration. I hope readers pay attention to the readers responses on the articles posted, there are many great comments posted. Peace!

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