HuffPost Announces 2018 Midterm Election Plan, Including a ‘Listen to America’ Town Hall Series and New Interactive Archive

HuffPost Announces 2018 Midterm Election Plan, Including a ‘Listen to America’ Town Hall Series and The Launch of Our Interactive Archive

HuffPost today announced plans for its 2018 midterm election coverage, a multiplatform effort that will go beyond the daily horse race to focus on the issues and the people who matter most. You’ll find it all at the HuffPost Midterm Election HQ.

Starting in October, HuffPost will embark on the next iteration of its Listen to America franchise, with a six-city town hall series, including stops in Boise, Reno, Sacramento, San Diego, Phoenix and Boulder. The HuffPost editorial team will hit the road to host conversations with local leaders, local media and members of the community, hearing directly about the issues affecting them during this election cycle. In each city, HuffPost will once again partner with local news organizations to combine resources and help elevate stories that matter to their audiences.

From health care to education to the economy, the topics covered in the town hall series will also reflect major themes uncovered during the award-winning 2017 Listen to America bus tour. In September and October of last year, HuffPost crisscrossed the country, speaking with more than 1,700 people about their communities, their concerns, their hopes and their fears. Over 300 of those interviews can now be heard in the new Listen to America interactive audio archive, launched today. The archive offers a compelling snapshot of America, as told directly to HuffPost by each individual, that is highly relevant as we head into the last stretch of this election season.

“The insight and perspective we gained from the 2017 Listen to America bus tour has been invaluable to us as a news organization. As we look towards one of the most anticipated yet unpredictable election cycles in recent history, it’s crucial that we keep our focus on the people and the issues affecting them,” said HuffPost Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen. “That approach, combined with our world class reporting and storytelling, will ensure that the HuffPost audience knows exactly what they need to, about what’s happening across the country.”

From primary season through election night, the HuffPost Politics team ― including Amanda Terkel, Kevin Robillard, Daniel Marans, Jennifer Bendery and Igor Bobic ― will continue to cover the most important races, with an eye on local and national influence. They’re well-sourced on the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party as progressives try to make their mark this cycle, and their coverage will have exclusive polling on trends that cut across districts, states or party lines, and reflect the changing face of our nation. HuffPost reporters have deep expertise in areas such as political extremism and immigration, and they’ll explore recurring topics, such as the campaign workplace environment, health care and corruption. Another distinctive area of focus for HuffPost will be following district attorney races across the country as the interpretation of “justice” is fiercely debated.

HuffPost will also feature premium video coverage, including the launch of an original series, “Crash the Party.” Running exclusively on Twitter and produced by HuffPost, it will give audiences a comprehensive, nonpartisan look at what it’s like to be a woman running for office in 2018. The program will follow more than 50 female candidates across the country ― and from across party lines ― as they hit the campaign trail. The series will take a human-interest approach to celebrate their successes while also seeking to understand the unique challenges these women face daily.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements regarding HuffPost’s 2018 midterm programming, and check out all of our coverage at our Midterm Election HQ.

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