10 Amazing Reactions To The HuffPost Banana Crisis Of 2013

It was Friday, July 12. The time was 2:02 p.m. After an excursion to the 5th floor kitchen for a midday snack left Arianna Huffington's Chief Of Staff, Daniel Koh, with an empty stomach, an email revelation would set the office abuzz.

The issue had been one brewing silently in the minds of HuffPost employees ever since Clif Bars were stricken from the snack list. Forced to look to various fruits for their midday snack, employees adopted the banana as the midday staple. But Koh's email was all the staff needed to bring their thoughts to the surface. The email read simply:

We are aware of problems with banana quality in the 5th floor kitchen. We are addressing.

Those two sentences opened the floodgates and emails expressing coworkers' concern about BQ (banana quality) overwhelmed their inboxes. These are the best reactions to the HuffPost Banana Crisis of 2013.

1. BQ has been an issue for quite some time -- very glad to hear.
brown bananas

2. I just ate seemed fine. Should I worry?
Which garnered the reply: Nice knowing ya.
brown bananas

3. I haven't noted the quality today but I will add that there have been several days in the past when the bananas have been alarmingly hot (and i mean their temperature -- not aesthetically).
brown bananas

4. I have definitely heard some complaints about warm bananas
brown bananas

5. When the air conditioning gets too cold in here I've taken to warming my hands over the banana pile
brown bananas


7. I have inspected the bananas in the kitchen. They fall into the following categories:

1.) green-yellow with brown spots, cold.
2.) green-yellow with brown sports, slightly less cold.
3.) yellow with brown spots (borderline acceptable but not ideal).
4.) misc. suspicious.


9. BananaMan save the day!!

10. Note to self: Do not google "hot banana" as a curious experiment.
brown bananas