HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff On The Far Right's Political Porn (VIDEO)

HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff was a guest on MSNBC's The Ed Show tonight to discuss the latest outrage from the far right - an attempt to encourage people to battle against health care reform by burning Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in effigy, as well as holding a contest - with prizes! -- to see who can create the 'best' "Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi burn in hell" video.

Sekoff denounced the effort as "political pornography" and "straight out of the Glenn Beck school of hate-filled buffoonery." He also noted that it's tempting to dismiss such outrages as irrelevant bleating by the lunatic fringe, "but then you think of George Tiller. You think of the doctor who was shot down in cold blood by someone who was following the likes of anti-abortion zealot Randall Terry. And that's when it gets really scary."