Expanding the Conversation

I honestly can't count the reasons why I'm thrilled to begin today as Editor-at-Large of HuffPost Gay Voices. This is a pivotal, exciting time for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans. From Hollywood and corporate America to the halls of Congress and our nation's schools, gay lives are at the forefront of the national conversation. To be able to help guide that discussion here at The Huffington Post is something most journalists and commentators would relish. But for someone like me, who has passionately covered gay culture and politics for just about two decades, it's truly a great privilege.

People sometimes say to me, "It must be tiring covering one issue." And I always respond back, "Yes, it must be, but I wouldn't know about that." Because covering LGBT rights is far from writing about "one issue." It's about covering everything that our culture has to offer, from genetics and gender to politics and parenting. It's about covering film, sports, fashion, education, sexuality, faith, race, relationships, finance and so much more.

And that's one among many reasons why Gay Voices is a perfect fit at The Huffington Post. I look forward to working with Gay Voices editor Noah Michelson, who's done a terrific job over the past several months at making Gay Voices an important place not just for LGBT people, but for anyone, straight or gay, looking for information, news and perspectives.

One of the great assets of Gay Voices is in fact that it's a gay space on a much larger, diverse platform. It's an experience I've been familiar with for the past eight years hosting a radio program each weekday on Sirius XM's OutQ, an LGBT channel on a much larger radio platform of over 130 channels. It allows a safe place for LGBT people to find each other and engage, but also allows so many more people to plug in and be informed, inspired, enlightened and entertained.

It also allows for vigorous debate with those who disagree. And the only way we're going to move forward is if we passionately dialogue, exchange ideas and challenge one another to think deeper. I'll be helping to lead those debates, bringing in many varied points of view, and also helping shape the vision here at Gay Voices. I'll be liveblogging events and weighing in with my own thoughts on LGBT politics and culture. And I'll be listening to all of you. I'm looking forward to all of the big discussions we're going to have on one of the most compelling issues of our time.