Looking For A Resolution? Try Being Happier

Join us for our first 30-day challenge.

Forget the usual vow of dieting -- start 2016 off right by making joy your mission.

Happiness often feels like this elusive concept that we can't quite catch, but in reality, it just manifests itself in everyday moments. It's the joy of seeing your loved ones after being separated by miles and life events. It's the sheer excitement you get when you finally conquer a big challenge. It's the comfort of coming home and seeing your dog waiting at the door.

Happiness isn't something to capture, but something to cultivate. That's why this month we're launching the HuffPost Happiness Challenge, with a task for you: Become more joyful in 30 days.

Research shows happiness is a choice, but the brain has a "negativity bias." This means you likely tend to focus on your problems rather than your pleasures -- and for the next four weeks, we're going to give you the tools to change that.

Here's how it works: Each day we'll deliver content related to happiness in the form of daily tips, hacks and advice on how to be joyful and proactive in your everyday life. We'll provide the tools to make yourself a happier, healthier version of yourself. The end result? A state of bliss.

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Obviously, no one is perfect when it comes to making positive choices (even us!). That's why habits are so hard to form and even harder to break. We're also going to be embarking on this happiness journey with you (and will probably make a few mistakes along the way). Check out our blog on why we decided to revamp our own outlook on happiness and stay up-to-date on our progress with the newsletter.

Cheers to a happier state of mind by the end of this month. You deserve it.

Want to take a peek at what's ahead? Check out our challenge calendar below, which easily helps you add reminders to your phone:

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