Everything You Need To Know About Our 30-Day Happiness Challenge

Life's better on the happy side.

Want to live a more jubilant life? Of course you do.

We want you to start off 2016 on a joyful note -- and we're providing the tools to get you there. This month we launched the HuffPost 30-Day Happiness Challenge. Read on below to discover what it's about, see previous challenges you may have missed and learn how to sign up.

What is the happiness challenge?

We're on a mission to help you become more joyful in 30 days. Each day we'll deliver content related to happiness in the form of daily tips, hacks and advice on how to be joyful and proactive in your everyday life. We'll provide the tools to make yourself a happier, healthier version of yourself.

How do I sign up?

You can receive each day's challenge directly to your inbox via our daily newsletter. Sign up for the HuffPost 30-Day Happiness Challenge newsletter by clicking here.

Where can I see previous challenges?

Take a look at our interactive calendar below, which shows previous challenges and gives you a peek at what's ahead. The calendar also allows you to add the task as a reminder in your phone.

How else can I follow along?

Follow us on SnapChat (username: HuffPost) and keep up with HuffPost Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. We're also taking the challenge with you and will be blogging about our progress along the way.

How time consuming are the challenges?

They aren't, at all! Each task takes a few minutes a day. The initiative is designed to fit into your busy schedule. The overall goal is to make small, positive changes every day that put you on the road to a happier mindset.

Why should I do this?

Happiness isn't something to capture, but something to cultivate. Research shows the human brain has a negativity bias. In other words, you tend to default on the worst possible outcome. That can take a serious toll on your mood, and ultimately, your health.

Simply put: Life's better on the happy side.

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