Fresh From the Lab: Introducing HuffPost Highlights

Have you ever seen a sentence on HuffPost that you felt you needed to tweet, post on Facebook, or email immediately to a friend? As it turns out, that happens to a HuffPost reader more than 40,000 times day. So today, I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Highlights, a new way for you to discover the most interesting content on the Huffington Post -- according to your fellow readers.

At HuffPost, we now have over 70 verticals dedicated to bringing you the best of the web. We have nearly 500 editors and reporters who produce between 70 and 80 originally reported stories each day. And we realize you may not have time to read everything. So why not let the millions of other readers find some of the best content for you -- the amazing quotes, eye-popping statistics, and inspirational insights that your fellow readers are sharing, tweeting, and discussing in conversations online and off?

Starting today, you'll be able to see all of them on HuffPost in real time in our Highlights section. You'll also see great quotes in the module on the right side of every article page and will be able to notice great quotes highlighted in yellow as you're reading.

See a quote you like? All you have to do is select that text with your cursor and copy it, and your quote will be mixed in with all the other quotes displayed on Highlights.

Highlights is the first major release from HuffPost Labs, and yet another example of how HuffPost is innovating in news. Here are a few of the gems we've found already:

"When given a choice in polls between these two options, a majority of Republicans check 'none of the above' as a way to reduce the deficit. That's like deciding to pay off your student loans by daydreaming."

"You're constantly (if virtually) connected to the office, and your work and personal life are indistinguishable."

From: "The 8 Types Of Work-Related Stress," by Kristin Koch

"Of the more than 1,400 women surveyed -- 40 percent of whom were single or divorced -- 53 percent were the breadwinners in their households."

From: "Majority Of Women Are Breadwinners," by Khadeeja Safdar

"Just be grateful and kind and brave. That's all you ever need to be."

"This year's report estimates we need between 1.18 million and 1.38 million housing units per year to meet the demand for new household development that will occur between now and 2020."

"Obama bears an unfair burden to be 'twice as good,' while eschewing uncomfortable talk about race."

From: "Obama and Race: The Triple Standard," By Peter S. Goodman

"Nearly 44 percent of students told survey-takers they know a classmate who sells drugs."

So next time you copy a sentence that jumps out at you -- to share, to tweet, or just to save for yourself -- you'll be helping millions of other readers find the best highlights on HuffPost. As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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