HUFFPOST HILL - 'Trump's Mexico Advance Guy' Literally World's Worst Job

Donald Trump gave a very low-energy address alongside Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. iTriste! Trump said the two had a “substantive, direct and constructive exchange of ideas,’ though much of that probably involved a confusing exchange over the translation of “bigly.” And perhaps most conspicuously, the two didn’t discuss the funding of Trump’s border wall, though we can surely expect a through policy paper from the Trump campaign soon. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Wednesday, August 31st, 2016:

HOLA, YO ESTOY MUCHO BETTER THAN TU - Just when U.S.- Mexico relations had begun to move past that racist Coca-Cola ad from last year. Louis Nelson: “Standing beside Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday insisted on America’s right to build a wall along its border with Mexico but said the two men did not discuss who would pay for it. ‘We recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall,’ Trump said in a statement that followed a closed-door meeting with Peña Nieto in Mexico City. He also said, ‘I love the United States very much and we want to make sure the people of the United States are very well protected.’” [Politico]

Clinton prebuts: “Hillary Clinton today used her first public event in nearly a week to bash Donald Trump for ‘dropping in’ on Mexico, saying building relationships takes more than ‘a photo op.’ ‘You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. You do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships,’ the Democratic presidential nominee and former secretary of state said during remarks at the American Legion’s national convention in Cincinnati, referring to her Republican opponent.” [ABC News]

OBAMA BEGINS LAST ASIA TRIP - Well, maybe Hillary will get the pivot done after she completes the Recovery Summer. Michael Shear: “President Obama leaves on Wednesday for his final trip in office to the other side of the world, heading to China and Laos after a brief stop on a spit of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As president, Mr. Obama has promised to reframe American foreign policy toward Asia as part of a ‘pivot’ intended to focus more on the emerging trading partners in that region. The president’s weeklong trip is his last big effort to make that policy a reality. But on the way, the president will spend two days highlighting his commitment to combating climate change. On Wednesday, Air Force One will travel to Hawaii, with a stop at Lake Tahoe, Nev., where Mr. Obama will speak at a climate change summit meeting organized by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader.” [NYT]

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REPUBLICANS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES WITH A BLACK VOTER PROBLEM - Julia Craven: “’Don’t offer support’ for the ‘concrete policy positions’ of Black Lives Matter protesters, the chief organization charged with electing Democrats to the House of Representatives warned its candidates in an internal memo leaked online on Wednesday. The document was posted online by Guccifer 2.0, a hacker who has claimed to be responsible for the the Democratic National Committee email leak. Guccifer claims the document is from the personal computer of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). A number of cybersecurity firms and Democrats have attributed the leaks to Russian hackers (though Guccifer 2.0 has denied working for the Kremlin). ‘Presidential candidates have struggled to respond to tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement,’ reads the memo, sent by a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer in November. ‘While there has been little engagement with House candidates, candidates and campaign staff should be prepared. This document should not be emailed or handed to anyone outside of the building. Please only give campaign staff these best practices in meetings or over the phone.’” [HuffPost]

HILLARY’S UNFAVORABLES REACH NEW HIGH - Boy, the Clinton campaign couldn’t have asked for a better time for Trump to visit Mexico. Matt Ferner: “While bombastic Republican nominee Donald Trump remains the most unpopular major-party presidential nominee in modern U.S. history, Hillary Clinton is not faring much better ― a new poll found that she is currently the most disliked she has ever been 25 years of public life. Just 41 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic presidential nominee, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday. It also found that 56 percent have an unfavorable view of her, a record high for the poll. That’s a sharp decline from three years ago when Americans had record favorable views of Clinton (67 percent) and near-record low unfavorable views (26 percent). It’s also a significant decline from just a month ago when Americans were more evenly split in their attitude on Clinton in the Post-ABC poll with 48 percent having a favorable view and 50 percent an unfavorable view. The survey also found that Clinton’s favorability dropped significantly among groups of Americans who have been supportive of the candidate, including women, Hispanics and liberals.” [HuffPost]

POLITICAL ADS AREN’T ORIGINAL, PT. 302,621,183 - We’re still not convinced that all of politics isn’t some conspiracy by the Illuminati to enrich the stock photo folks at Getty Images: “It seems all the targeted Republican state senate candidates had a big TV shoot recently, as they’ve all posted their first ads online in the past few weeks. The ads themselves are so-so at best, but you rarely see very creative TV spots at the statehouse level. Each starts with the candidate talking directly to the camera in front of a plain white background, explaining their biographical background before explaining all the terrible problems in Iowa that they’ll go to Des Moines to fix (see links to all at the end of this post). However, one thing does stand out: each candidate is talking to the exact same group of students in the exact same school hallway. It seems the Republicans’ Senate Majority Fund brought in all their targeted candidates and senators to one city to do a big joint TV shoot with their consultant. They all appear to be in the same small business working with machinery as well, but the school shot stands out in particular.” [Iowa Starting Line]

STEVE BANNON, WHADDA GUY - It’s a shame Wellesley is going to have to relocate to Ottawa under President Trump. Andrew Kaczynski and Nathaniel Mayersohn: “Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, said during a 2011 radio interview that progressives vilify prominent women in the conservative movement because they are not ‘a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools.’ Citing women like Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin, Bannon said conservative women threaten the progressive narrative. “And so these women cut to the heart of the progressive narrative,” he said onPolitical Vindication Radio while promoting his movie, Fire From the Heartland: the Awakening of the Conservative Woman. ‘That’s why there are some unintended consequences of the women’s liberation movement. That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England. That drives the left insane and that’s why they hate these women,’ he said.” [BuzzFeed]

PAUL LEPAGE NOT RETIRING :-( - That is, until Donald Trump hires him as a pit boss. Amanda Terkel: “Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said Wednesday that he has no plans to resign, adding that from this day forward, he will no longer talk to the media. ‘I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,’ he told reporters Wednesday. ‘And I’m serious. Everything will be put into writing. I’m tired of being caught in the gotcha moments.’ LePage has been mired in controversy since calling state Rep. Drew Gattine (D) a ‘son-of-a-bitch, socialist cocksucker’ in a voicemail last week. After widespread criticism ― including from members of his own party ― he apologized. LePage hinted on Tuesday that he may resign before his term ends in 2018, telling a local radio station, ‘I’m looking at all options. I think some things I’ve been asked to do are beyond my ability. I’m not going to say that I’m not going to finish it. I’m not saying that I am going to finish it.’” [HuffPost]

HIPPIE JUSTICE - And we don’t mean hippie punching. Steven Hoffer: “A Grateful Dead fan who was serving a life sentence for selling LSD to a police informant is among the 111 individuals who received commutations from President Obama on Tuesday. Timothy Tyler had no history of violence when a judge’s decision to include the weight of the paper that held the LSD he sold pushed the amount over 10 grams, leading to a mandatory minimum life sentence in prison.  The offense was Tyler’s third, including two prior drug convictions that each led to probation.” [HuffPost]

BECAUSE YOU’VE READ THIS FAR - Here is a sociopathic toddler.

WASHINGTON EST TROP COOL - In case you want to read about Washington’s gentrification in French, Le Monde has you covered: “Le phénomène de gentrification se répète dans d’autres quartiers comme Shaw, au nord du Capitole, aussi réputé pour ses boutiques que pour ses restaurants, ou encore U Street. Dans ce quartier surnommé, au début du XXe siècle, le « Black Broadway » (pour ses clubs de jazz, et le fait que Duke Ellington y soit né), on vient aujourd’hui acheter des coussins brodés chez Salt and Saundry ou manger au Diplomate, une version américanisée du bistrot français ; de l’ancienne vie de U Street, restent, entre autres, deux prêteurs sur gages et une église épiscopale méthodiste africaine. Et le développement n’est pas près de s’arrêter.” [Le Monde]


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