HUFFPOST HILL - Marco Rubio Worse Driver Than Eleanor Holmes Norton

The net neutrality fight is coming back, giving you yet another opportunity to not understand it. Ron Wyden introduced legislation to reunite retired war dogs with their handlers, titled the BuzzFeed Tearjerking Viral Video Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And the intern that brought a gun into the Capitol already has another job, making it the second-most obnoxious comeback by a bro this week after the “Entourage” movie. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, June 5th, 2015:

NET NEUTRALITY FIGHT NOT OVER - So gird yourself for a lot of corporations using the phrase "disruption" way too much. Dana Liebelson: "Telecom and cable companies, which provide broadband access to the vast majority of Americans, are challenging the Obama administration's actions in court. If they get their way, a federal appeals court will soon delay some rules that aim to protect net neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally. Open-Internet advocates fear that an unfavorable decision may open the door for harmful business practices while the court battle—which could take years—plays out. A stay on part of the new rules would also likely embolden Republicans on Capitol Hill who seek to pass laws gutting the rules...There could also be political ramifications if ISPs win a stay. Republican lawmakers have been pushing legislation to disembowel the agency's net neutrality rules, with little success. If the ISPs succeed in delaying part of the rules, Republicans can "argue to the Democrats, 'Look, this shows you guys are going to lose so you should cut a deal with us,'" Feld said. "If the court denies the stay, it will give the Democrats in Congress ammunition to tell Republicans, 'Look, this is going to happen...just move on already.'" [HuffPost]

Marco Rubio got a bunch of traffic tickets in Florida.

SISTER OF ALLEGED HASTERT VICTIM SPEAKS OUT - Just a whole lot of awful to start your weekend off right. Christine Hauser and Dave Phillips: "The comments by the woman, made on ABC’s 'Good Morning America,' marked the first time that a person has been publicly identified as a possible victim of Mr. Hastert. The woman, Jolene Reinboldt Burdge, said her brother, Stephen, was an equipment manager at the high school in Yorkville, Ill., where Mr. Hastert was a wrestling coach in the 1970s…She said she learned of the years of abuse when her older brother revealed to her that he was gay eight years after he left high school. 'I asked him, ‘When was your first same-sex experience?’ ' she said. 'He looked at me and said, ‘It was with Dennis Hastert.’ I was stunned.' 'And he just turned around and kind of looked at me and said, ‘Who is ever going to believe me?’' Ms. Burdge said she believed the abuse ended when her brother moved away after his high school graduation in 1971. Mr. Reinboldt died of AIDS in 1995." [NYT]

Check out the HuffPost Politics Podcast, featuring Jason Linkins, Zach Carter, Jessica Schulberg, and Arthur Delaney and his recent haircut.

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - The Labor Department put out a pretty sweet jobs report today, but for people who enjoy sadness, as I do, will enjoy Dean Baker's thoughts on the matter: "While this report is mostly positive, the strong job growth remains out of line with other data showing a slowing economy. The drop in GDP reported for the first quarter led to a drop of 3.1 percent in productivity. While the first quarter data was weakened due to unusually bad weather and other one-time factors, even excluding the quarter, productivity growth had only increased at just over a 1.0 percent annual rate in the last two years. It is difficult to imagine this is the trend pace of productivity growth in the economy." [cepr.net]

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KASICH HOPING FOR A JEB COLLAPSE -Scott Conroy: "As he weighs whether to launch a 2016 presidential campaign that could potentially upend the Republican race in New Hampshire, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Thursday suggested he senses weakness in former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's White House bid. 'I didn't think I was going to be back up here again because frankly, I thought Jeb was just going to suck all the air out of the room, and it just hasn't happened,' Kasich said during a meeting with local business leaders and Republican activists. 'No hit on Jeb. No hit on you, Jeb!' A former U.S. congressman and House Budget Committee Chairman whose brief run for the presidency in 1999 never managed to get off the ground, Kasich won a landslide re-election victory last year and could offer another GOP establishment-friendly alternative to Bush. Throughout his remarks Thursday, Kasich conveyed the kind of frank and unguarded disposition that tends to play well in New Hampshire, sounding as if he was leaning toward entering the race...'What do I have that makes me unique? I have national security experience, experience in Washington and as an executive,' he said. 'If you think that somebody can get elected president and go down to Washington and change that city without understanding how it works, it will not happen.'" [HuffPost]
Ben Carson's campaign is having problems.

PENCE GETS NEW CHALLENGER - But her name isn't Teachout. Amanda Terkel: "Glenda Ritz, the Indiana state schools superintendent who has repeatedly gone up against Gov. Mike Pence (R) on education policy, announced Thursday that she will be running for governor in 2016…Ritz is essentially the only person standing in the way of Republicans achieving complete control over Indiana politics. She is currently the sole statewide Democratic officeholder and has been fighting furiously since her upset electoral win in 2012 to maintain her agency's role in shaping state education policy. Although Ritz didn't officially jump into the race until Thursday, her candidacy was widely expected. On Wednesday, she sent a letter to Indy Pride, welcoming visitors to Indianapolis for the Pride Festival this week. She did so on 'Ritz for Governor 2016' letterhead. She joins former state House Speaker John Gregg and state Sen. Karen Tallian in competing for the Democratic nomination to take on Pence in 2016. Gregg narrowly lost to Pence in 2012." [HuffPost]

POLITIWHOOPS SHUTS DOWN - U love torturing me w this shit. Sara Bondioli: "Politwoops, the Sunlight Foundation project that curated deleted tweets from politicians, has been stopped in its tracks. In a post on its site Thursday, titled "Eulogy for Politwoops," Sunlight Foundation President Christopher Gates explained that Twitter suddenly revoked the group's access to its API, or application programming interface, which was used to tap into the database of tweets. The most recent deleted tweet on the Politwoops site is dated May 15. The service followed the Twitter accounts of congressional members and candidates, governors and gubernatorial candidates, the president and vice president, and presidential candidates. When it was launched in 2012, Sunlight touted it as "an illuminating rough draft of how politicians and campaigns hone their social media messaging and amend their record." [HuffPost]

'AMERICAN DOGS' - Not the name of Justin Timberlake's next film vehicle. Jessica Shulberg: "Current law allows, but doesn’t require, the Department of Defense to pay for retired war dogs’ transportation back home. Once retired, the dogs are no longer considered military equipment and are often left behind in non-combat military bases in places like Germany, Japan and South Korea. A new law, authored by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) would require that the Pentagon bring all retired canine veterans back to the U.S., where they are more likely to be reunited with their former handlers. The bill comes as welcome news to Aiello, who now heads the nonprofit U.S. War Dogs Association, and has taken it on himself to bring retired military dogs back to the U.S. 'These dogs are American dogs. They’ve served America. They’ve been in combat with their handlers. They should at least come back to the States,' Aiello said." [HuffPost]

THOUSANDS MOURN BEAU BIDEN - Ben Schreckinger: "Vice President Joseph R. Biden greeted thousands of mourners in the sanctuary of St. Anthony of Padua’s church on Friday afternoon as they paid their respects at a wake for his beloved eldest son...Rain began to fall as an honor guard carried Beau’s flag-draped coffin into the church just after noon, but the sun had broken through by the time of the vice president’s arrival an hour later with his wife Jill, Beau’s widow Hallie, and her children Natalie and Hunter. After the vice president and his family arrived through a side door, mourners who had passed through a security checkpoint on the other side of the church compound began streaming into the sanctuary...The vice president’s son Hunter and daughter Ashley attended with their spouses. His sister, Valerie Biden Owens, and brother, Frank, stood down the nave from the casket, greeting mourners. Both of Delaware’s senators, Chris Coons and Tom Carper, showed up to pay their respects, as did their Senate colleagues, Bob Casey, Joe Donnelly, Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and MSNBC host Chris Matthews were also on hand." [Politico]

BECAUSE YOU'VE READ THIS FAR - Here's a child rocking out to Bon Jovi.

WHO SAYS THERE ARE NO SECOND ACTS IN AMERICAN LIFE? - If a young, gun-toting Republican dude can find redemption, can't we all? Hanna Hess: "His prospects for a summer congressional internship dashed by gun charges, Joshua Wheeler waived his right to the preliminary hearing that was scheduled for Thursday morning in hopes of lifting a judge’s order to stay away from Capitol grounds...An affidavit filed Tuesday detailed [a] cop’s alleged discovery of an unloaded 9mm handgun in Wheeler’s black bag, the arrest and his statement to authorities that he purchased the handgun in Kansas and drove to Washington with it in his vehicle. Despite the felony charges Wheeler faces, he might get another shot at working for the vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference in a more firearm-friendly locale. After the details of the June 1 incident became public, Tom Brandt, a spokesman for Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kan., told CQ Roll Call the office’s goal would be to to ensure Wheeler “can move on from this and return home to Kansas.” Brandt said Thursday the office is “open” to the 25-year-old completing his internship in Jenkins’ Topeka office once he gets back to Kansas." [Roll Call]


- Guy with bee beard gets a shave.

- Senior citizens react to Slipknot.

- Just a whole lot of Shia LaBeouf yelling at you.


@JohnCleese: Piers Morgan writes that I didn't recognise him in a restaurant in New York.I did.I just didn't want to speak to someone I truly detest

@mattyglesias: When are all these yoga classes all over town going to be disrupted by yoga moocs?

@timothypmurphy : It is not National Donut Day. Donut Day is not a holiday. Go eat a bagel.

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