HUFFPOST HILL - Hitler Shmitler, Nation Says As It Votes For Loud, Entertaining Guy

It’s Super Tuesday, and Donald Trump is expected to perform well amongst men, younger voters, moderates and assholes who recline their seats on airplanes. Marco Rubio’s campaign is lowering expectations from “will probably not finish first” to “will have hair for 2020 run.” And nine members of the House voted against naming a post office for Maya Angelou because she sure as hell never did anything to lower anyone's effective tax rate. This is HUFFPOST HILL for a very super Tuesday, March 1st, 2016:

Happy Super Tuesday, everyone!

POLLS CLOSING SOON, HERE'S SOME PIPING HOT CONVENTIONAL WISDOM - Only one thing is certain, however: the inevitability of 5,000 more thinkpieces explaining the rise of Donald Trump and, subsequently, 2,000,000 more uses of the word "disaffected." Natalie Jackson: Democrats"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- expected to win 8 states; Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) -- expected to win 1 state; Tossup -- 2 states, plus American Samoa and Democrats abroad; Possible upset: Massachusetts Republicans: Businessman Donald Trump -- expected to win 9 states; Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) -- expected to win 1 state; Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) -- might be expected to win 1 state; Tossup - 1 state, plus the 2 caucus-convention states; Possible upset: Texas... As the biggest prize, [Texas] has been fairly heavily polled in recent weeks. All signs point to a strong performance from Clinton, with polls showing her up on Sanders by 16 to 42 points in the last week. The Republican side is a bit more competitive. Cruz generally leads in his home state's polling, but the margin is as small as 2 points in polls out this week. The HuffPost Pollster average gives Cruz a 5.5 percent lead over Trump. Most likely winners: Clinton and Cruz, although watch out for a Trump upset. " [HuffPost]

RubiNO: @BenjySarlin: Rubio in Minnesota bringing the A material: "Donald -- maybe you should call him CON-ald -- Trump."

WaPo's Ben Terris went to Massachusetts and identified the most Trumpian Masshole ever: “'I like Trump, I like his hairdo,' said Michael O’Sullivan, 52, just off the electric company’s night shift. He took off his Patriots hat to showcase his curly mullet. 'He’s always got a smokeshow chick by his side. I’m glad Obama is going to be gone. If I had to look at his wife anymore . . .'" [WaPo]

And Vox's Matt Yglesias identified the worst pro-Trump argument to date in a Financial Times letter to the editor: "Yes, we could be like the good citizens who voted for a 'tameable' Hitler in 1933 to get things back on track. But the alternatives look worse." [Vox]

And we stumbled across the most Trumpian quote ever today, from an old Golf interview:

RUBIO CAMPAIGN DIALING DOWN EXPECTATIONS - If you read a seismometer, you can actually pick up the tectonically low readings of where the campaign expects Marco to land tonight. Anna Palmer: "Marco Rubio's top campaign adviser huddled with roughly 40 bundlers and K Streeters Tuesday morning to prepare them for a difficult primary election night—as well as to brief them on the campaign's plan for what to do next. Terry Sullivan told supporters at campaign headquarters that the Florida Republican could secure just 100 delegates from Super Tuesday states in one of the scenarios he laid out. Sullivan's prediction was part of his larger detailed powerpoint presentation going through different delegate counts for March, April and May. He told attendees that it would be mathematically impossible for Donald Trump to get to 1,237 delegate votes by the end of April, according to multiple attendees. Sullivan said that Henry Barbour, a veteran Mississippi political operative, is leading Rubio's convention delegate strategy." [Politico]

Nine Republicans voted against naming a post office after author and civil rights activist Maya Angelou today. Steve Israel said he was "shocked." Here's how Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) explained his nay on the House floor, per HuffPost's Matt Fuller: "People should investigate Maya Angelou a little bit, and I'll suggest perhaps, if you want to investigate a little bit further, that perhaps you google Maya Angelou and look at other articles in places like the American Thinker or the American Spectator."

DELANEY DOWNER - Wendy Taylor has only grown fonder of Donald Trump since he signed a copy of his book for her after a rally in Macon, Georgia, last November. "I told him I was going to vote for him and he said, 'You better,'" Taylor said in an interview. "He pointed at me and gave me a thumbs up." Taylor is a small business owner who lives in Warner Robins, Georgia. She cast an early ballot for The Donald in the state's Republican primary. She's followed his campaign via Fox News and CNN, and the waves of criticism against Trump haven't diminished her support. "I get more Trumped up as it goes along," she said. "He flies in with his jet, he's meeting everybody -- it's just powerful. We are blessed to have him running for the presidency. He's a gift from God. No, he's not perfect, but what politician is?" [w/ HuffPost's Ariel Edwards-Levy]

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PAUL RYAN WANTS TO P90X-OUT RACISM - And we salute him for it. Paul Kane: "House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) issued a stern rebuke Tuesday to his party’s presidential front-runner, calling Donald Trump’s recent equivocation about receiving support from white supremacists a 'fundamental' break from conservative orthodoxy. 'This party does not prey on people’s prejudices,' Ryan told reporters at the weekly House GOP leadership news conference. Without addressing Trump by name, Ryan noted that the Republican presidential campaign had veered into topics such as views on 'white supremacists' that should prompt 'no evasion' of the topic other than repudiation of those values. It was a clear reference to Trump’s recent comments and actions in which he has said that he needs to further study the views of David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader from Louisiana who has encouraged listeners of his talk show to back Trump, as well as to social media comments and tweets that seem to endorse the views of known racists." [WaPo]

Jeff Young compiled fake mean tweets from history's presidential candidates.

MIKE ROUNDS QUOTE MAKING THE ROUNDS - Ryan Grim asked Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) about the Trump / KKK kerfuffle and Rounds said: "Even if you're disappointed with the way he's responding to things, even if you're mad at him, you disagree with him, if he did it intentionally -- I don't think he did, I think he just made a mistake -- even if he did, they're still going to do a better job with him there than if you had Hillary or Bernie in his place." [HuffPost]

CLINTON TO ATTEND FUNDRAISER W/ EX-NRA LOBBYIST - "Hillary Clinton’s campaign will hold a fundraiser in Washington on March 21 that will feature as one of its hosts Jeff Forbes, who until the end of last year worked as a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Forbes, a former chief of staff to former Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), was registered as a lobbyist for the NRA Institute from 2009 until the end of 2015 on issues such as protecting Second Amendment rights, and regulation and gun control, according to lobbying disclosures. He donated $2,700 to the Clinton campaign in April when he was still registered to lobby against gun control. In addition, a colleague at his Forbes-Tate lobbying shop, Elizabeth Greer, also donated $2,700 while registered to lobby for the NRA." [HuffPost]

BECAUSE YOU'VE READ THIS FAR - Here's a dog facing down a robot.

THINGS ARE GETTING WEIRD(ER) AT BREITBART - Lloyd Grove: "Conservative essayist Bethany S. Mandel, who has been awash in a deluge of social media abuse since she began denouncing Donald Trump, finally purchased a handgun over the weekend. 'It’s a .22 magnum revolver,' says Mandel, the mother of two young children, who applied for a firearms permit at her local suburban police department after absorbing a fusillade of vile, anti-Semitic tweets and Facebook messages in recent months. 'I’m picking it up,' Mandel says about her firearm, 'after the shop’s background check comes back.' … She has especially tangled with Breitbart News, the rabble-rousing, Trump-friendly Web site—named for its late founder, culture warrior Andrew Breitbart—that regularly savages the GOP establishment, the media elite, the Washington consultant class, and the Fox News Channel, which it likes to portray as the willing enabler of all these sinister forces ...Yet one can hardly fault Mandel’s feelings of vulnerability. Typical online insults (screenshots of which she provided to The Daily Beast) included “you deserve the oven,” complete with the image of a Domino’s Pizza oven—this from an apparent Trump fan who goes by the Twitter handle @dinguscout." [Daily Beast]


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