HuffPost Introduces The Good Kind

New Interactive Editorial Initiative Aimed At Elevating Stories About Kindness

HuffPost today introduced The Good Kind ― a new, interactive editorial initiative that shares audience-sourced instances of the unexpected kindness people have received from strangers.

We’ve all had an experience in which someone we don’t know went out of their way to help. Maybe it brightened your day when you needed it, or perhaps the gesture had a bigger effect on your life. The Good Kind will highlight these anecdotes ― no matter how big or small they may be ― as a way to elevate and celebrate the goodness that exists across the globe.

HuffPost has amassed a collection of 127 stories (and counting!) submitted by our audience, from 14 countries and more than 95 different cities in the U.S. alone. Each submission is laid out on a map, pinpointing exactly where the experience took place. The stories range from feel-good moments that made someone’s day to incidents that dramatically altered a person’s life.

Each story on The Good Kind is separated into a different category ― hopeful, cheerful, grateful, amazed, thoughtful and heartbroken ― which readers will be able to “vote” on as they go through. The categories are indicted by their own specific emoji on the interactive, which was designed and built by digital innovations agency, Gladeye.

We’re not stopping: Users can still submit their own stories by filling out this form, emailing, or sharing their own anecdotes on social media with the hashtag #TheGoodKind. We’ll continue updating the map with new stories throughout the year.

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