Lesbian Labels Get Deciphered By AfterEllen's Trish Bendix (VIDEO)

Don't know what a chapstick lesbian is? A stem? Gender Queer? You're not alone. Terms to identify how "butch" or "femme" someone is within the gay community, especially when it comes to lesbians, is becoming trickier and trickier to decipher.

HuffPost Live's Alex Berg took to the challenge and asked AfterEllen's Managing Editor Trish Bendix to weigh in and solve the mystery of the various labels used. Though Bendix thinks labels are both generational and regional, she also believes that most people don't just think of themselves as "butch" or "femme" anymore:

"I think it's largely that butch or femme doesn't fit them anymore," she said. "Tt's kind of a gray area and nobody defines themselves on one of the spectrum, it's very in the middle, so they kind of create these kind of hybrids of what they think they or what other people see them as."

Watch the clip above to hear Bendix's thoughts on lesbians with labels, and to see the full segment click here.



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