Watch The Presidential Debate With HuffPost Live!

Watch the presidential debate with HuffPost Live! For Wednesday's first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, HuffPost Live will be creating a series of conversation hubs for political junkies, women voters, young voters and those just looking for a good laugh.

When the debates begin at 9pm ET, the HuffPost Live video player will switch to a live stream of the debates. Alongside each video player, HuffPost Live hosts will lead conversations within the comment stream on four different HuffPost Live pages, each with a specific focus: Inside Politics, Young Voters, Women and Comedy.

After the debates, HuffPost Live will return to its traditional format for 90 minutes of post-debate conversations featuring HuffPost Politics reporters and editors, as well as members of the HuffPost Live community.

To join our politics debate room, click here.

To join our young voters debate room, click here.

To join our women's debate room, click here.

To join our comedy debate room, click here.

Join the conversation at live.huffingtonpost.com.