An Autopsy For The Dismal Second Season Of 'True Detective'

The only real mystery was why we spent eight and a half hours on this.

Posters for the second season of HBO's "True Detective" promised that "we get the world we deserve." And after eight and a half hours of its tangled, meandering investigation, it's clear that we do not deserve a world in which Nic Pizzolatto and company can match the runaway success of the series' first installment

On Monday, HuffPost Live's "Spoiler Alert" sought to unpack what went so wrong with this season. Watch host Alyona Minkovski talk with a panel of TV fanatics about the complicated plot, hit-or-miss acting and whether the show managed to correct its problems with women from Season 1. Also up for discussion this week: Netflix's "Wet Hot American Summer," plus the best and worst television of the summer season.

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"True Detective"

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