HuffPost Premiere: The Complex Dialect, "One Constellation"

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Hanna Stevens

The Complex Dialect is a collective of musicians from Seattle, Washington, bound together by a need for growth and true expression. Formed by Earnie Ashwood (Guitar), Lola Campbell (Vocals), Bobby McGranahan (Bass), Gibralter (Guitar), Craig Cinderich (Keys), Adam Cignatta (Vocals), Oz La’brae (Drums), and Deadmics (MC/Vocals), the 8-piece outfit reflects our tumultuous societal climate by pushing the boundaries of time signatures and thriving within atypical progressions. The Complex Dialect’s songs focus on the subject matter of uncomfortable truths as they use their platform to process how they feel, creating an interwoven conversation of ideas and reactions through their music. The Complex Dialect aims to encourage anyone who is struggling: “We look for non-conventional solutions to conventional problems. We strive to be the change we want to see in the world.”

"'One Constellation' is the emotional turning-point in the album. It's the beginning of a mentality shift from calling out these external and internal issues we face towards processing those issues and moving forward. A large portion of moving forward is using the concept of perception as a tool for healing. The song removes the listener from the saturation of pain we face in our daily lives and challenges them to ask, 'what does this all mean in the grand scheme of existence?,' by changing the landscape towards the deep cosmos. Sometimes to really process and begin that journey towards progress and change, you have to change your perspective, and in this case step outside your own personal universe." - Earnie Ashwood

"One Constellation" starts off Side B: Solution, and is a song about perspective. It's about stepping away from our earthly issues and looking for a deeper understanding of our existence in the true grand scheme of things. We all come from the same source, the same energy, the big bang. What does that mean when it comes to how we interact with each each other? To listen to ”One Constellation,” click here.

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