Trump Grants Clemency, Sanders' Victory & Life At 400+ Pounds: Views From HuffPost Readers

Our editors scoured top stories to highlight some of the most thought-provoking comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
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HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and we’ve selected the ones that cut through the noise and made us think, helped us see things from a different perspective, started conversations, or even changed our minds this past week.

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There are many issues facing the US right now. High grocery prices, homeless, stagnant wages, climate change, the auto industry is in dire straits again. The items I just listed are the tip of the iceberg but at the top of Trump’s list is getting white collar criminals pardoned. Trump is useless for moving this country forward.

– Susan Bibb Keller

Broadcasting his ability to pardon the most guilty and corrupt as a signal to his minions that they should feel confident in committing ANY crime – as long as they are doing it in his name. (Or as long as they are doing something else in his name, a little action on the side will be rewarded.)

Randy Divinski

There are enough people who have seen enough of Trump to vote for anyone but him. It’s simply a question of waiting and seeing how all this unfolds. Nothing is certain, other than the fact that people will continue to opine and judge ... and the world will continue to rotate on its axis regardless.

– Jaques Merde Jr.

Bernie [is] promising free everything. But no way will that ever get through Congress. People must just like to be promised free stuff. I despise Trump, but Trump would absolutely crush Sanders in a general [election].


It’s not a great day. We end up with the biggest divider of the Democratic party ever, exactly at the time when we need a uniter. This is terrible and not going to go well.


Folks, we need to look much more at election integrity (voter suppression, foreign interference, unsecure machines) than guessing candidate odds. Whoever wins is in for hell. They need to be prepared with a plan for if/when Trump refuses to leave.

– Celine

It is absolutely great to see something like this. They are trying to make this country better for EVERYONE in this country, not just the few. And they want to make the super rich and giant corps pay a more fair tax rate. That, healthcare for all, and easing the burden on those seeking a higher education, could make life better for all.

– Joe Wells

I appreciate Juliet sharing her experiences in this article. I don’t know how anyone can read it and be anything other than compassionate. Diets don’t work and there’s plenty of research to support this. Juliet didn’t choose to weigh over 400 pounds, and I admire that she lives her life to the fullest despite the challenges she faces receiving health care and living in our society with a larger body.

-Barb Matessa

There are two separate issues here. One is the cruel way society treats even mildly obese people, the other is the health risks associated with obesity. The fact that society is so harsh with obese people and that this cruelty should be addressed is not a reason to underplay the many risks of being hundreds of pounds overweight. It is entirely possible that an obese person might live a long and healthy life, but we we talk about risks, we don’t focus on the individual cases, but on the average risks.

-Rick Valentin

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